Gareth Jones is an international recording artist, based in South Africa, that has been releasing electronic music as JUMPINGBACKSLASH since 2010.

His most recent release was Slow Oceans on Cotch International that featured Nonku Phiri, Hlasko and Shane Cooper.

He has also worked as a producer/co-producer and mixing engineer for the likes of Spoek Mathambo, Loui Lvndn, Fantasma, and Batuk amongst others.

His most recent project is the forthcoming Gallo-released Loui Lvndn LP ‘Your Princess Is In Another Castle’ that features 14 tracks of full production and mixing.

As JBS Music Design he composes original live/electronic music for corporate and commercial use. His clients have included Adidas, Red Bull, Mr Price and Woolworths.



Allison Swank The Swank Group JBS Music Design Testimonial

JBS has an uncanny ability to intuit the sound and mood for a piece almost before I even send him the brief – that is why he is always the first composer I call for any project. His quick turnarounds and reliability are icing on the cake.

Allison Swank (The Swank Group)
Manteiga Batuk JBS Music Design Testimonial
A great and imaginative mixing engineer. It was really fun working with JBS on Musica Da Terra, and it’s been a pleasure to start work on a new album with him.
Nthato Mokgata Spoek Mathambo JBS Music Design Testimonial

JBS has been invaluable in the refinement and production of all of my musical projects  for the past 4 years. We have completed three full length album as Spoek Mathambo, Fantasma, Batuk as well as a couple of EPs.  Through his innovative mixing and production concepts we have broken a lot of creative.

Nthato Mokgata (Spoek Mathambo)
Vukhazithathe Fantasma JBS Music Design Testimonial

JBS has helped us create a very strong and original sound for Fantasma. We call him Ndlov’enkulu (Giant Elephant).

Vukazithathe (Fantasma)
Moleskin Goon Club Allstars JBS Music Design Testimonial

Shout out to JBS for the master on Hot boy. Top engineer, super quick turnaround, sick guy!

Moleskin (Goon Club Allstars)
Montle Moroosi Wet Dreams Recordings JBS Music Design Testimonial
It’s not very often you find a sound engineer with both the creative competencies of a producer and the stoic qualities of a thorough professional sound engineer. We’ve used JBS for three projects and he understands our aesthetic. And the best thing is the turn around time; 8 tracks fully mastered in two days and I didn’t send any back for changes. 


Montle Moroosi (Wet Dreams Recordings)